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How long is a mission? Digital Map?

posted Sep 18, 2018 08:57:20 by thebalzan
This may seem like a simple question but it comes up occasionally in session and it's something we want to clear up 100%.
How long is a mission?
I'm not asking how long should a session be or a particular arc.
I'm asking about the term used throughout the books such as with many of the awards in the command book and the character growth sections.
Is a mission a session or is it from when you get a mission to completion of said meeting?

Also I have a collector's edition of the Core Rulebook which came with an awesome map, is there anyway of getting a copy of this mapy digitally? I play on roll20 primarily so would be awesome to have a HD copy that isn't a shitty scan by myself up so everyone knows where everything is.
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