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Toronto FanExpo - Met William Shatner and John Byrne

posted Sep 01, 2018 01:33:43 by David.S.McBride
This could be interpreted as just hooting off and bragging - and maybe it is - but I stopped in at the FanExpo today (spent most of it in lines - yeah, I'd like to state that I used the time to come to some great revelation regarding my place in the universe, and humanity's, but it just didn't happen), got hold of Mr. Byrne's "Star Trek" graphic novel (yay!), spoke with both him and Mr. Shatner at some length (within reason; I moved aside when I heard the people behind me starting to sob "When will this ever END?") and got a chance to fulfill a couple of childhood/adolescent dreams. I will state, without equivocation, that some of the back-of-the-hand whispered apocryphal stories regarding Messers Shatner and Byrne's conduct toward fans could not be less true: both of them were TOTAL GENTLEMEN, and we actually exchanged a couple of personal points and giggles in the brief time we had. I would encourage all Torontonians on this board - and passing word on to anyone who you might think of who'd be interested - to get themselves down there for tomorrow to meet up with these two honourable gentlemen. Plus, the book selection (and I'd be lying if I didn't state that I was tempted to just dive into the place and just read-read-read for the duration of the weekend) was fantastic, and am hoping I can catch some of these dealers and their selections in the near future.
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