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posted Aug 24, 2018 10:57:58 by DanielGunther
A player observed that during the various series and movies, some character always seems to have just the right focus for whatever challenge which would present itself. This is largely covered by the manner in which a focus can be used in all together interesting and creative ways. My players still wished for greater flexibility with focus, so this is what I've worked out,which has been well received. The idea behind this table rule being a mechanic to represent the training characters undertake between missions.

Open focus: Characters begin each mission with five designated focus and one open focus. The open focus can become designated in one of two ways: declared once Mission Directives are made known or "spontaneously" during the course of the mission, but is a riskier option.
Option 1: Players assign a focus based upon Mission Directives once they are known. Character then has six focus to begin play without any additional risk.
Option 2: Players wait until during the Mission to assign a focus. For each player who chooses this option, one extra threat is added to the threat pool. Then during the course of the Mission, the player could choose to assign a focus by spending two Momentum.

The idea behind option 1 not having any extra cost, is that the character was prepared for the mission.
The idea with the extra threat and momentum cost for option two, is that while the character has been training, up until some trigger/insight/understanding occurs, a degree of uncertainty/confusion exists for the character - thus the extra threat. The momentum cost represents the character having a moment of clarity in which their training finally manifests into something useful.
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