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Chains and vicious weapons and qualities

posted Aug 23, 2018 13:04:04 by sinmissing
As I understand it, an effect does 1 point of damange and activates weapon qualities.

A chain is both improvised and vicious, these effectively cancel each other out? Improvised weapons do not do 1 damage with each effect, but vicious adds 1?

Do non-improvised weapons with vicious-1 do 2 damage with each result of a phoenix?

Lastly, does generating a phoenix on a damage die allow the player to activate any and all weapon qualities, or do you need to roll one phoenix for each quality you would like to activate?

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SteveHanson said Aug 23, 2018 16:04:55
You activate the lot. The reason chain has both is so that talents which ignore improvised or augment vicious are affected a vicious weapon does 1+1=2 damage on an effect
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sinmissing said Aug 23, 2018 22:08:52
Thanks for your answer. Haven't played enough to notice how talents might affect weapon qualities and I'm glad to see I interpreted the additional damage from vicious correctly.
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