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Incredible Beta Quadrant Book

posted Aug 14, 2018 20:41:53 by GarrettCrowe
The Beta Quadrant book is simply amazing. I love how its tone reflects a briefing to a captain. The sidebar material is top notch. The material presented is extremely useful both to providing an understanding of the cultures' history but providing hooks for missions. I've never seen a finer sourcebook and hope the other sourcebooks follow the same format. Thank you, Modphius.
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SteveHanson said Aug 15, 2018 00:56:33
Thank you, we're glad you enjoyed it.
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Coridan said Aug 15, 2018 02:54:23
Still boggled by Andorians vs Klingons hockey match
Steve-TTR said Aug 15, 2018 23:33:57
I haven't got the physical book yet, but loving the PDF. And the Command book is awesome too!
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David.S.McBride said Aug 17, 2018 22:45:51
Have to join the gang in providing my confirmations and sincere congratulations to Modiphius on both the "Beta Quadrant" and "Command Division" books as well. I wish-wish-wish all the books in the PDF queue were actual physical realities at this point - while I do appreciate having PDF as a backup/secondary resource version, I FAR prefer to have something I can HOLD IN MY HANDS - but do agree that Modiphius has done the basic bang-up job on printed works to this point. All thanks, and hoping the gang keeps up the job.
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