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Extended Chacrater and Starship sheets

posted Aug 14, 2018 03:56:00 by Steve-TTR
Cross-posting now that we have a Resources thread.

I have expanded the official TNG Character sheet into 2 pages, and am working on the other era sheets.
All background info has been moved to the second sheet and some more relevant info added to the top of the first sheet.
Feel free to share, and any advice/requests/criticism is welcome.
Note, these are all also fillable PDFs.

ENT Fillable 2 Page Character sheet 1.1
Initial draft
Added printer friendly version
ENT Character Sheet 1.1
ENT PF Character Sheet 1.1

TNG Fillable 2 Page Character Sheet 1.2 UPDATE
Expanded Description for Talents
Space for Milestones and Reputation
TNG 2 page Character Sheet 1.2

TNG Black Background Fillable 2 Page Character Sheet 1.2
Initial Release
UPDATE minor fixes
TNG Black 2 page Character Sheet 1.3

TNG Support Characters Sheet 1.2
Initial release - 2 new support characters per page - with creation references - not form fillable.
UPDATED second character moved down so you can fold the page in half cleanly.
UPDATE minor fixes
TNG 2 Support Characters Sheet

TOS Movie Fillable 2 Page Character Sheet 1.1 Update
Fixed font colour
Added Printer Friendly version
TOS Movie Era Fillable 2 page Character Sheet 1.1
TOS Movie Era Printer Friendly Fillable 2 page Character Sheet 1.0

Trait Tracking Sheet
UPDATE switched Personal to Equipment
UPDATE - Sheet Split into Player and GM/Group sheets.
Player Trait Sheet 1.3
GM Trait Sheet 1.3

Expanded Ship Sheet
Expanded TOS Sheet
DS9/Cardassian Sheet
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