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What unannounced characters would you guys like to see?

posted Aug 12, 2018 17:44:35 by theamdor
We know we will get some great guys like Frank Horrigan, but who would you like to see come from videogames onto tabletop?

For my picks I'd like (It started as a list of 3 in my head then kinda grew to 5):
-Harold - this guy is just one of characters that is very nostalgic to me. Tho preferably not as a tree as seen in F3 xD
-Marcus - We know him, we love him - this Sup is just main reason why FEV from that side of usa is better than one we can see in Boston and DC. Would be fun to run Sup group that is less about destruction and more about building.
-Davison & Antler - one of power couples of F:NV that'd be pretty cool to see on tabletop. Plus he is Nightkin, which is rad. (Pun intended)
-THE MECHANIST - well I won't lie, I want my grand robotic army to take over the... umm... help all over the Wasteland... yeah. I like his new version but wouldn't mind if we get F3 version (but this one has to go with mean ant-queen Antagonizer)
-Silver Shroud and Dogshroud - ok, maybe second part of this dynamic duo is not a thing but he should be (let's be honest at least ones of people want to see dogmeat in a jacket/cape, hat and sunglasses). If that is too far from license I'll be ok with just Silver Shroud and his Tommygun :)

So those are my faves - would love to read who are yours!
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ashaman164d said Aug 12, 2018 19:37:57
For Harold, you could actually do two versions of him, one as an active character, the other as the tree version from Fallout 3.

Marcus is another good one. He was one of my favorites from the earlier games, and I was thrilled to see him reappear in New Vegas.

Vick, he was always a staple in my group in Fallout 2

The Mechanist would be a good one, could even two two cards for the character, one for the Fallout 3 version, another for the Fallout 4 version.

Since they've done Nuka Girl, it would be fun to see some other "Fictional" characters from the universe appear, like The Silver Shroud, Grognak the Barbarian, Mistress of Mystery, The Inspector, Captain Cosmos, Manta Man, or others. Bottle, Cappy, and NIRA? Vault Boy, Vault Girl. Could release them one or two at a time as promos, or release them as bundles (Comic hero bundle, comic villain bundle, Nuka mascot bundle, VaultTec Mascots bundle.)

While I enjoy the newer games, the first two in the series were actually my favorites, so anything from those would be something I would get excited about.
gregdorf said Aug 13, 2018 15:09:12
I know we will not get a model for her, so I will have to make my own, Tabitha from black rock. I need to practice sculpting that wig.
MarcT said Aug 13, 2018 15:14:34
Personally I'd love to see a Nick Valentine/Ellie Perkins set (I think I saw a render of Nick, but can't remember where), or some of the characters from Far Harbour, such as DiMA or Tektus. There are a number of non-humanoid characters that'd be pretty cool to see as well though (it'd be brilliant to get a model of Ironsides from the USS Constitution, but assuming that's unlikely I might have to settle for trying to convert one from a normal Sentry Bot)
theamdor said Aug 14, 2018 07:04:48
I'd like to see tabitha as well. And Constitutions sounds like neat conversion idea :)
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