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Questions about Toughened Foes

posted Aug 10, 2018 07:20:11 by rrcautela007

I'm quite a bit confused about toughened foes - or, it might be nothing, just a confirmation needed, tho'.

*When toughened foes receive harms (ie, like wounds) do they also suffer the detrimental effects (increased difficulty)?

*Can toughened foes be grouped as mobs and/or squads? How would this work, if so? I'm concerned about the extra dice each extra foe in the group brings, for instance.

Thanks for your time!
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SteveHanson said Aug 10, 2018 16:08:45
1. Yes, they receive Difficulty penalties if they've taken Harms. The rules don't say otherwise, so assume they act like player characters.
2. Yes, but they'll be very, very tough Mobs or Squads, both in terms of the total dice (which IIRC can go over the max) and their ability to absorb Vigor and then take Wounds before damage goes to the next member of the group. I would NOT allow 2d20 for the Toughened group-members, though, as the rules pretty explicitly say each member adds 1 die. Further, if they're not all identical, it's not a true Mob or Squad. In case of a Squad, the leader should probably be a Nemesis (just as if it were a player character).
Honestly, though, a group of four Toughened foes and one Nemesis acting independently will probably be more dangerous than one Squad of all of them, causing a player character to make multiple defensive actions, generating Doom which can be used against them.
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Marc-AndréDurand said Aug 14, 2018 18:56:28
Steve I think you're making a mistake: a mob is up to 5 minions, a squad is up to 4 minions + a toughened or a nemesis. It's can have more than one toughened. I refer you to the page 306 in the book:

"A Mob consists of up to five identical Minions acting as a rough, unruly, and poorly disciplined group. There is no distinct leader, and while the Mob is more effective in battle than the individuals that comprise it, it is still a poor force and often falters against a more disciplined foe. Groups of natural animals often form Mobs, especially when there is no distinct pack leader.

A Squad consists of a single Toughened creature — referred to as a Leader — leading up to four identical Minions. The Minions’ abilities are put into direct support of the Toughened creature’s actions, making it more effective and more resilient in battle. In some situations, a Nemesis or even a player character can be a Squad’s Leader, following exactly the same rules."
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