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Mission Specific Values

posted Jul 30, 2018 22:45:51 by PatHenry
I’m wondering what the conventional wisdom might be wrt mission-specific Values. In other words, an extra Value that appears for this particular scenario. The idea would be to give a character a temporary imperative that is not a mission Directive, but operates similarly—a plot driver from the character’s own history and personality. I’m thinking the Value would not be particularly “railroady” (OK, a little railroady ;-) but more of an opportunity for Determination.

Examples of this might be something like the introduction of Kirk’s family in “Operation Annihilate,” the added complication that there was now a personal stake in his decisions. Or Kirk’s personal guilt in “Obsession,” where he is driven to pursue the alien creature at overwhelming personal cost because of a perceived failure from his past. Kirk, in particular, seemed to have a lot of temporary fixations. From TNG, an example might be the introduction of Worf’s human half brother (whom we never heard of before or after) in “Homeward.”

Again, the idea being to give PCs a little extra personal stake and perhaps a point of Determination: Prime Directive, sure, piece of cake--but a family member will die.
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David.S.McBride said Jul 31, 2018 05:52:17
PatHenry, I get the point and can see some real game-playing/storytelling value coming through with; the potential difficulty would be, of course, making sure that the player/character on the hot seat for this sort of thing had actually taken the time and energy to make up background events and/or conflicts that could be utilized in this manner. Again, I'd lay odds on this being something the ModiphiusTrek creators had baked into the game engine recipe from the outset (to mix a couple of VERY opposing metaphors). Another point that comes to mind that could be utilized for this sort of gaming purpose is to use racial traits and put the character into a potential state of internal conflict (and thus Determination points creating) that requires him/her to perhaps OPPOSE existing Values - e.g., Spock gets hit with "Pon Farr" and his logic Values potentially go out the window.

Again, it'd be quite useful to see a module put into operation that utilized this sort of point; perhaps giving a list of such Values at the beginning that could be utilized; could even turn into a "Choose Your Own Adventure" type of thing if the module offered different "Turn to page X if the player makes this choice" options, based on the type of Value challenged.
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