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Error in Merchant Captain Archetype [Conan the Pirate]

posted Jul 30, 2018 14:21:02 by Shran

Conan the Pirate is out and brings a lot more things, including new archetypes. There is one mistake in the Merchant Captain archetype. It only lists three mandatory skills:

* Command
* Insight
* Sailing

but four elective skills:

* Craft
* Discipline
* Observation
* Persuade

All other archetypes have a list of four mandatory and three elective skills. This would mean that the Merchant Captain looses out on 1 point of skill focus and 1 point of skill expertise. So I assume that this is an error. Either one elective skill should be mandatory, or the two lists are switched. Command and Sailing definitely sound like they should be mandatory for a captain at sea. So what elective skill should be mandatory?
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