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Join a Crew - Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, UK

posted Jul 19, 2018 09:33:05 by mattsandry8472
Hi there,

I was just wondering if there was any crews about at the moment looking for extra members, I based in Leighton Buzzard in Bedfordshire so Milton Keynes, Hemel Hempstead, Watford and Aylesbury are all close by.

Any help in finding a way to start an adventure would be greatly appreciated.
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jonrcrew said Jul 19, 2018 13:49:27
I guess you're a little out of reach for us (Brighton), although if you want to risk Thameslink? :-p

I know there are gamers/Trekkies in the Aylesbury area, so there may be vacancies?
mattsandry8472 said Jul 19, 2018 14:03:40
Thanks for coming back to me! Brighton is a little out of the way :) I will keep it in mind tho!

Hopefully some of those Aylesbury lot will see this and I will do some research into it as well.

Thanks Again!
jonrcrew said Jul 19, 2018 14:51:05
No problem! I know what it's like to try and track down a group.

I'll mention that someone in the area's looking to Gaspode - he usually seems to know about this kind of thing.
StephenBirks said Jul 19, 2018 16:35:33
Ok this place is getting very small. I work near Jon per another thread and I'm a Luton boy by birth!

Cant help with finding a game though :( sorry!
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