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Conan in Dark Sun

posted Jul 05, 2018 22:30:10 by BrianLeybourne
I'm very much enjoying reading through the Conan ruleset and looking forward to running a game. In parallel, in all the years I've played D&D I've never run a game set in Dark Sun, and it seems like the gritty harsh nature of Conan would map well to that world (right down to little details, such as making sorcery complications cause defiling of the environment etc).

Has anyone played or ran a 2d20 game set in Dark Sun (or any other similar harsh non-Hyperboria world)? Any hints, tips, pitfalls etc?
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Shran said Jul 06, 2018 07:06:36
I'm not much of a Conan expert, but none of the rules strike me as very Conan-specific (except of course for the "Homeland" character creation step). Some things do set the Conan setting apart from other fantasy settings though:

* Human is the only playable species. So if you want to include other fantasy races (like Mantises or whatever they are called in Dark Sun), you would have to come up with appropriate Talents. Maybe you would have to rework some character creation steps.
* Ancient Bloodline talents are also very specific to human-only characters.
* Magic is rare, dark and powerful (mostly). This does not always fit other systems.
* Obviously there may be some archetypes (like the Asshuri), spell names or other references to Conan-specific stuff that have to be renamed.

Other than that, I believe the system would work very well with other grittier fantasy settings.
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