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A Star Beyond The Stars, Part One The Alcubierre Rule Question

posted Jul 05, 2018 20:12:53 by Nizaster
In Act 3 Scene 1 when the players are climbing down the shaft there is a Task that has them attempt a Control + Fitness Task with a Difficulty of 1. Is this correct or a mis-print? 3 of my 4 players had Control + Fitness > 20. How does that work?? Or should it say "OR" which makes more sense to me, which would actually make it a pretty difficult Task.

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Elijah said Jul 05, 2018 20:52:58
Miss Print, it is Fitness + Security Task. It is always 1 Attribute + 1 Discipline, which should be for Main Characters max 17 (12+5) or min 8 (7+1).
Nizaster said Jul 05, 2018 20:56:24
That makes sense. Two attributes didn't make sense to me, but I wasn't sure which Discipline to use for climbing. I made them roll on their higher of Fitness or Control which actually made it a pretty tough climb, but they all made it :-)

Thanks for the clarification!!!
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