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Big MC fan, first time MC 3rd edition GM - help with career choices and starting "party" dynamics

posted Jul 03, 2018 06:43:06 by AlistairCollins
Hi all,

Starting up a MC 3rd edition campaign very soon.

How do other GM’s balance out the various careers and corporations, so the player characters can reasonably form a “party”?

Many MC adventures talk about the PC’s being part of Luna PD, Freelancers or having strong ties to either. Many career and corporation choices are not Luna PD, Freelancers, or are “easy” to work out a strong tie to Luna PD or a Freelancer group. I can see the only way to ensure that the career (and even corporation) choices can enable a freelancer/Luna PD party to reasonably form (without stretching the truth) is to set limits to career and corporations.

Is that the way to do it? So, if you are wanting to run a Luna PD/Freelancer party (as many of the pre-made adventures advise) then you’d be really limiting the 2nd (or last) career choice to only a handful of options.

I assume also, that the last career choice you complete (usually the 2nd one) is your employment at the end of character generation, right? So if you end up as a Imperial Trencher for e.g., you’re currently in service in the Imperial armed forces. How on earth did you end up in Luna filling out a workers classified ad for a Freelancer – (dis)honourably discharged? If so, is this additional character generation fluff something that all experienced GM’s do to ensure all players can reasonably form a party?

How do other GM’s handle a Mishima warrior, a Bauhaus corporate worker, an Imperial Trencher and a Cybertronic tech to get together and form a freelancer party?

/confused and frustrated

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nagiloum said Jul 07, 2018 11:24:59

Take it easy, after all you have the saying what flys. Don't focus on the character creation too literally, see it more as examples and suggestions to be inspired. And remember, the corps pay the PC for their function and expertise, not what they actually do. If the highest Member from the order of servants is told to sweep and mop the kitchen by a CEO, he will.
I've told my group what i intended, i explained the setting at the start of the dark symmetry. After von Hölle it will run like a TV show, short police episodes with mystery, crime and horror. So my PC's should think of what skills they want to be good and how they got the tie to the LPD.
Well... 2/5 got story ideas....
Then i took my time for creation, two to three hours for each. Point buy. We look what the PC liked and we started building in this direction. For every step we made a nugget of story and implemented the event. AGAIN: Take those events as inspiration. If it fits, keep it! If you get an idea, twist turn, mod and implement it as freely as you like.
That's what i like about the system so much. After the creation all had a Character with a past instead of just a bunch of stats.
A few events made a very good explanation to the LPD change.

The Wolvesbane took inspiration from "Red Scorpion". Special forces getting drunk, starting a brawl and getting busted. Iconic carrier event was a space ship crash, sole survivor and a year isolated. So i expanded on that. After the PC was rescued she was transferred to Luna for physical and mental evaluation. Instead she went straight into a bar, broke a lot of bones and smashed the "Etablissement" Hulk like. Imperial now "lends" the Wolvebane to the LPD to make amends for the damage.

The second PC wanted an imperial college professor with medicine and psychology. Fucking perfect! That one would be responsible to evaluate the Wolvesbane for suitability to return to active duty and shall follow her on every step.

The third just went through with Bauhaus and decided on the go to become a Luna PD Detective. We startet with police carrier within Bauhaus. Event was a fight with Insurgents in the venusian jungle. Sole survivor and fear of the jungle. Nice explanation to get of Venus. He got the thankless job to ensure the Wolvesbane won't murder anyone and the Professor won't get murdered. ^^

The Captain from the order of fear was a real ball buster.... till i had an idea. Insurgents made several assassinations, sabotage and insurrections within the last two years! At last the LPD got the blame from Bauhause for not being "thorough" enough. So after a lot of political tog-a-war Bauhaus send one member from the oder fear to almost every police department for "support".

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