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A Star Beyond the Stars PDF & Map tiles

posted Jul 03, 2018 19:40:24 by ComStar
Say someone bought the "A Star Beyond the Stars" Adventure as PDF.
Is there a chance to get hold of the mentioned map tiles for the adventure?
Are they part of any tile set, yet?
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Elijah said Jul 03, 2018 21:55:13
You mean the Starter Campaign? The starship is obviously TNG, but the other ones are not part of any released set yet. You can check some Conan stuff maybe for generic forest settings or something I guess. I assume they will actually be included in the Starter Campaign as paper tiles, so they haven't been printed yet.
SteveHanson said Jul 04, 2018 02:46:04
The starter set comes with poster maps for the adventures.
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ComStar said Jul 04, 2018 06:23:40
I know, but I bought the PDF. To buy the starter Set Just for the poster isn't worth it, as I already own all books, the dice and token.
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TimKellogg said Jul 04, 2018 14:24:05
I think you mean this - it is in quadrants so any printer should be able to handle it.
ComStar said Jul 04, 2018 15:42:59
What I mean are the maps beneath the books and token in this picture.

The Ship tiles might be in this set:

But the planet tiles are definitely missing.
PirateGent said Jul 05, 2018 16:14:37
Yes, they are exclusive to the starter set is what I was told.
TonyPi said Jul 05, 2018 18:09:18
I have all the tilesets from Conan and STA, and there are a couple of options to re-use similar-looking tiles.

For Map 4.3B, you can use Conan Forbidden Places and Pits of Horror tile # BCON_FP_FT_Z006B1 & B2 - the jungle tile is virtually identical.

For Map 4.4, I plan to use the Klingon Map Room from the Star Trek Adventures: The Next Generation Klingon Tile Set, which looks similar to the layout.

Nothing in the Conan sets are close enough to replicate Map 3.4, although if you want rooms instead of tunnels, you can probably try Conan Dens of Iniquity and Streets of Horror tile # BCON_DI_HT_Z006A. But it's easy enough to draw tunnels or to borrow from a D&D tileset.
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Nizaster said Jul 05, 2018 20:07:33
I think several of the maps are from the federation ship set. The cave and the forrest are not though. You will have to just use something generic i think.
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