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Form of a beast

posted Jun 28, 2018 15:45:56 by ThierryNoiriel
I've some problems with the spell form of a beast
The spell allows you to transform into a single chosen animal (not including man or ape) gaining a Natural attack of 4§. Creatures between one-half to one-and-a-half times your size (a dog or bear for instance) are considered to have a Difficulty of Challenging (D2). Creatures greater or smaller than this are Daunting (D3).

and in the sample transformations
Strength of a Bear DIFFICULTY: Dire (D4) COST TO CAST: 2 Resolve Your body swells with animalistic muscle and resilience, and your form becomes that of a bear (your choice as to type). Increase your Brawn by 3§, and gain its attacks but otherwise maintain the attributes and abilities of your own form. See the description of bears on page 323.

SO transforming into a bear is a D2 or D4 ? And the 2 resolve price is for the brawn increase and the attacks (what attacks ?) And the momentum
Nature’s Brawn 1momentum to Gain the strength of the animal whose form is assumed. Lose 1 Resolve to increase any single physical attribute by 3§.

It's confusing
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Shran said Jun 28, 2018 17:49:04
A bear form is generally Difficulty 2, but that's only cosmetic. The bear form that is described in the rule book, has already the "Nature’s Brawn" Momentum spend weaved into it. Hence, the Difficulty increases by 1 and the Resolve cost increases by 1. I guess the additional +1 Difficulty likely cover the attacks of the bear and possibly other special abilities, as per "This transformation is generally cosmetic, [...] but gaining no powers unless Momentum is spent."
rrcautela007 said Jun 28, 2018 19:42:18
Some spells have wrong difficulty numbers. Keep an eye out.
ThierryNoiriel said Jun 29, 2018 09:49:07
Yes, i understand passing from D2 to D4 but I see a large difference between a D2 difficulty with 2 momentum and resolve and a D4 difficulty. D2 and Momentum is easier to get than D4.
Shran said Jun 29, 2018 11:30:33
This is how the spell examples work. The Momentum cost to achieve the effects are built into the Difficulty. I agree, that this is a weird format. From what I can tell from the rules and the unofficial FAQ, you basically shapeshift at Difficulty 2. If you have enough Momentum, you can change into a bear and also get the bear's strength. If not, no super strength.

I guess it is easier to say shapeshifting into a bear takes 4 Successes (i.e. Difficulty 4) than to say Difficulty 2 and 2 Momentum. You basically can see exactly how many Successes are required. Of course, if you have enough Momentum in the group pool, you would want to look at only the base Difficulty.
ChrisFougere said Jun 30, 2018 14:28:07
There's two ways to cast spells.

1) Cast the spell, hope to get enough Momentum to do the things you want.
2) Figure out the difficulty and then Cast for Consequences. In this case the spell is going to work but each die that isn't a success is a Complication.

In the first, yes you may turn into a bear but not be strong etc. In the second you will turn into a bear with the strength and everything but the cost may be quite high in terms of Complications.
ThierryNoiriel said Jun 30, 2018 21:48:33
that seems good to me :-D
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