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Focus value question

posted Jun 25, 2018 15:29:22 by TimKellogg
So, playing ST:A we came up with a question we could not answer quickly. Where does one get the value to roll under, to obtain successes from a Focus? Ok, so the rules stipulate, if one rolls under the value of a Focus, say "4", then one obtains two successes. Great, says I, where does one get THAT value? We determined that it was the discipline most closely associated with the Focus was the target. So, turn in your hymnals, err umm rules, to page 130, to the example character sheet for Joal Etahn - To use his Focus of "Psychology" we should use the value for the discipline Science or Medicine, I would say Medicine, since psychology is a branch of medicine. OR, does one use an attribute? Using an attribute seems to be too high a value. So, Joal would have to roll under 3, (His Medicine value) to obtain two successes. Further, if Joal's player rolls over the discipline, but under the target, does he still obtain a single success?

One last thing - since I am certain it says this, somewhere" in the rules - what is the citation?
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Shran said Jun 25, 2018 15:59:11
You are using the same Discipline that you used for that particular roll. So in case of the "Psychology" Focus, it could apply if you roll Reason + Science or Insight + Medicine for example. So if the character has Science 4 and Medicine 3 and the Focus applies, they score 2 successes if they roll 4 or below (if X + Science was rolled) or 3 or below (if X + Medicine was rolled). BTW you get 2 successes if you roll equal or below the Discipline! So you don't have to think about which Discipline a particular Focus is most closely associated to. It is only important if it applies to the Task at all. The Discipline used for the Task does the rest.

And yes, if you roll above the Focus but equal or below the target number, you gain a single success. The Focus just increases the range where you gain an additional success (this is normally only the case if you roll a 1).

Source (for the Focus): P. 79 in Core Rulebook
jonrcrew said Jun 25, 2018 15:59:31
The target to get the double-success is that of the Discipline currently being rolled against.

So, in your example, Mr Etahn may be rolling Insight + Command in order to encourage a subordinate using his Psychology. In this case, the Command rating is the target for the double-success.

Your core book reference is page 79, section 4 a.

Edit: took a phone call in the middle, or I wouldn't have duplicated Shran...
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