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Identifying Raiders

posted Jun 19, 2018 09:38:11 by david.k
Just saw the new preview images on and while I'm super excited for raiders, I can't identify which models are which from the write-up! In the core box (aside from the veteran in power armour) there are supposedly 2 each of Raiders, Scavvers and Psychos. Since the obvious psycho sculpt in the top image is a one-of, and two other sculpts are two-of, that would make the other one-of model a psycho too?

Except there are two MORE of him alongside two obvious psychos in the second image (presumably the expansion box, which is supposed to only have 2?). Am I being thick, or are the models in very different distributions in these pictures?

As an afterthought there are also three of some model, two of some, and only one each of two of the melee figures. While I can understand it if you're fielding larger 'squads' of some unit, that seems like an odd distribution given that duplication of models in the other factions seem to be relatively minimal. No complaints, they all look really good, just curious and slightly confused!

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ashaman164d said Jun 19, 2018 14:06:02
Lets see if we can figure this out:

What we know for sure:
The Power Armor raider is obviously the Boss and is labeled as such in Development Blog #9
Pigtails Raider was labeled as a Raider Psycho in Development Blog #9
Leather Jacket Raider was labeled as Raider Scavver in Development Blog #9

The ones we don't know for sure:
Bald Raider: ??
Mohawk Raider: ??
Goggles w/tire iron: ??
Machete Raider: ??

Core Box is made up of:
Boss: 1 (Power Armor Model)
Raider: 2 (?, ?)
Raider Psycho: (Pigtails, ?)
Raider Scavver: (Leather Jacket, ?)

Expansion Box:
Raider: 2 (?, ?)
Raider Psycho: (Pigtails, ?)
Raider Scavver: (Leather Jacket, Leather Jacket)

My best guess on the rest (Largely based off of what is in the Expansion box):
-Goggles w/tire iron is likely a Raider Psycho
-By process of elimination, that would make Mohawk and Machete "Raiders"

Using those guesses, assuming they are correct, we then know what is in the Expansion Box. Using that same information, then one of the Bald Raiders would have to be a Psycho and the other would be a Scavver. My best guess would be that they simply messed up the Core Box image and that one of the Bald Raiders should have actually been a different model.

I know all of that doesn't really answer your question, but it's what I've been able to piece together using their Development Blog posts. Maybe someone can help shed a little more light on this?
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