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Selective Breeding, Genetic Engineering/Resequencing

posted Jun 18, 2018 21:52:13 by David.S.McBride
This is a subject that came up in the various "Star Trek" series on a pretty consistent basis; always with the caveat that, whatever benefits you're getting from it in one respect, you're going to pay for it with another (be it simple "We shall conquer all" arrogance of the Eugenics Wars population, or rolling the genetic dice with regard to whether such a subject comes out physically and/or intellectually deformed, as in "DS9"). While Last Unicorn Games' "DS9" Core text does cover the possibilities, benefits, costs and risks of creating such a character and integrating them into a game series, Decipher never got around to addressing the topic. Just wondering: Is this something that Modiphius has, or does plan, to explore? While I don't have the Core book at present, I don't believe that this issue is brought up, at least from my discussions with those who are in possession of it. Would such involve giving characters more than fifty-six points - sixty, perhaps - to shuffle around, or the option of exceeding 12 as a game attribute limit? Would it involve the creation of unique Talents linked to such origins, and/or Values and Focuses that reflect the I-Am-Unbeatable intolerance common with such individuals, or could personnel such as Julian Bashir simply have a Focus/Value of Dark Secret or the like that they have to retain as a personal characteristic? Very interested in how Modiphius and various GMs have chosen to take on this issue; please submit opinions.
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Nathan.Dowdell said Jun 19, 2018 16:17:25
Have we run out of easy questions?

As no product has yet taken on the task of Augments, there's no answer to be found in any of the books or other products so far. I can't really talk about anything in forthcoming projects.

NPCs aren't bound up by the limits applied to player characters, so an NPC Augment could be built however you want.

With player characters, I personally (as I've moved on to other projects, so I can't speak to later Star Trek Adventures books) would treat an Augment as a different species (as a mixed-species character with the species they were originally), with a distinct Augment trait and access to unique Augment talents, so Bashir would have Traits of Human, Augment, and then have access to both Human and Augment talents. He may also have a Value that relates to it, depending on what point in Bashir's life you're representing.
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PicardX said Jun 19, 2018 22:01:16
Actually Decipher Star Trek Roleplaying Game Player's Guide Page 88. Genetic Resequencing personal development package. It assumes you are not quite genetic superman level more between standard and Bashir level. The Edge picks are what defines your superior abilities and you are mandated to have the Dark Secret flaw.
David.S.McBride said Jun 20, 2018 00:12:32
PicardX - all thanks for the directive on this. Haven't looked at the Decipher PG in years (understandably so, I would hope), and was pleased to see that the Coda Devs made an effort to include this bit without completely unbalancing the game. However, I would think (as indicated) that Khan Singh and his ilk would fall far outside whatever game parameters might be set for PCs, and just wondering how such potential monsters (adjective both an over-exaggeration and fitting moral descriptor) would be crafted in an RPG. Nathan Dowdell's point about Augment as a Trait is an interesting point; how it takes effect in terms of game mechanics would be interesting to examine.

Separate point: noticed that both threads, with identical titles, are now on the board; perhaps one of the Mods could arrange for an amalgamation so that the commentary can be referenced in a single location. Thank you.
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