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Selective Breeding, Genetic Engineering/Resequencing

posted Jun 18, 2018 22:19:41 by David.S.McBride
Apologies if this is a double-post; tried to submit this a while ago, but it didn't seem to take.

This is a subject that came up in the various "Star Trek" series on a pretty consistent basis; always with the caveat that, whatever benefits you're getting from it in one respect, you're going to pay for it with another (be it simple "We shall conquer all" arrogance of the Eugenics Wars population, or rolling the genetic dice with regard to whether such a subject comes out physically and/or intellectually deformed, as in "DS9"). While Last Unicorn Games' "DS9" Core text does cover the possibilities, benefits, costs and risks of creating such a character and integrating them into a game series, Decipher never got around to addressing the topic. Just wondering: Is this something that Modiphius has, or does plan, to explore? While I don't have the Core book at present, I don't believe that this issue is brought up, at least from my discussions with those who are in possession of it. Would such involve giving characters more than fifty-six points - sixty, perhaps - to shuffle around, or the option of exceeding 12 as a game attribute limit? Would it involve the creation of unique Talents linked to such origins, and/or Values and Focuses that reflect the I-Am-Unbeatable intolerance common with such individuals, or could personnel such as Julian Bashir simply have a Focus/Value of Dark Secret or the like that they have to retain as a personal characteristic? Very interested in how Modiphius and various GMs have chosen to take on this issue; please submit opinions.
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Elijah said Jun 18, 2018 23:41:59
It would simply be like a Species, following the same Rules as Species, so Trait with explanations and access to special Talents, some optional some required. You can find on Modiphius TNG Character sheets with Data and Soong-Type Android. The Trait "Android" describes what Data can and cannot do, and it gives him access to Unique Talents. I assume Bashir will have something similar once they release DS9 Characters. I also thought about adding more point or exceeding the 12 limit, but you cannot really do that in this game, as you would just automatically always succeed at every Task if the 12 limit is lifted.
Shran said Jun 19, 2018 07:06:19
I would cover it with a talent as well. Depending on the species, there are some powerful talents out there. The Rigellian Jelna have en "Exosex" talent, which actually fits quite well for Augments.

* Enhanced Strength: Whenever attempting a Task using Fitness, roll 1 additional d20 and gain one bonus Momentum on such Tasks.
* Enhanced Reflexes: Whenever attempting a Task using Daring, roll 1 additional d20 and gain one bonus Momentum on such Tasks.
* Enhanced Intellect: Whenever attempting a Task using Reason, roll 1 additional d20 and gain one bonus Momentum on such Tasks.
jonrcrew said Jun 19, 2018 09:01:09
There's an Augment species template over at Continuing Missions. By far the best approach to use.

Individuals could then add secret or arrogance related focuses and values as appropriate to that character.
David.S.McBride said Jun 20, 2018 05:37:23
jonrcrew, thank you VERY much for steering me over to this. I think that the PDF provides an excellent series of building blocks for putting this kind of character into a story arc and making them exceptionally worthwhile villains (ostensibly), both in terms of sheer physical confrontation and ideology, without turning the Khan Singh-types into the "Star Trek" equivalent of Admodeus/Demogorgon figures. Also much appreciated as to how at least one Augment aspect from "Star Trek: Into Darkness" has been worked into actual game mechanics. While I understand that the Abrams-universe Trek is, at least at current, not part of the game equation, such a point is entirely logical for inclusion in both the Augment make-up and the game.
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