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NPC Resistance

posted Jun 16, 2018 20:24:45 by Elijah
I'm making some alien NPCs and a bit confused about Resistance. In the CRB Klingons, Cardassians and JemHadar have Resistance. Is this their Natural Resistance or the Armor they are wearing? (Cause Klingons and Jemhadar have listed in their Special Rules additional Talents for Stun Resistance)
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Deadmanwalking said Jun 16, 2018 23:33:47
It's armor. I forget where that's listed, but remember that it's true.
Shran said Jun 17, 2018 07:50:59
If there is nothing listed in the "special rules", then the resistance comes from armor. Such equipment is usually not listed. For Klingons and such, you have to factor in the additional armor yourself when they are hit by non-lethal weapons.

In case of animals or other creatures, this may very well be natural armor.
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