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What happens when you have Life Eternal and 5 or more wounds?

posted Jun 15, 2018 16:55:24 by ninedaysdead
You will not die, no matter how old you get or how many injuries you suffer. These hurts will affect you, however. You will feel them just as much, and they will heal as normal.

What happens if you have Life eternal and take 5 or more wounds? Normally you die when you take 5 or more wounds, but "You will not die, no matter... how many injuries you suffer. "
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SteveHanson said Jun 16, 2018 16:35:55
Well you're unconcious (and probably hideously mangled) but can be awoken with standard treatment rules. If the GM has Doom they can use it as they wish (it's totally legit to Darth Maul an immortal) today make life interesting. Theres also room for the entire body to be reduced to dust and have the immortal trapped where they fell to dust.
Personally if I had a pc hit 6-7 wounds I'd start taking limbs.
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rrcautela007 said Jun 17, 2018 03:34:20
Wasnt Xalthotum revived from his essential salts?
EmmanuelFrancois said Jun 30, 2018 16:08:18
If i remember right, he was in a better shape than that, being a reasonabaly whole mummy (though if you use the egyptians ones as a template, most internal organs would be missing, being pulled out and conserved in a set of pickels jars nearby).

also if i remember right, when the body gets destroyed, you're stuck as an immaterial spirit at the place of your death unles you knows the spells for spirit travel. Which can suck a lot.
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