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Dunwich content?

posted Jun 13, 2018 11:17:58 by verdunbishop
Wondering if WW is a chance to get some expansion to cover the Dunwich side stories :D Find them a real nice creepy element in 3 and 4.
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randomhuman72 said Jun 13, 2018 15:00:02
That would be pretty cool! Might be something that's mostly for us players to incorporate with our own terrain/homebrew rules etc for anything not covered by the base stuff, as I'd imagine it'd be lower down on the priority list than things like Far Harbour and so on (and even they're not coming until wave 3 onwards)
ashaman164d said Jun 15, 2018 00:54:07
This could be fairly neat. Maybe do a Pickman miniature based on the character in Fallout 4. Maybe Obadiah Blackhall from the Point Lookout add on to Fallout 3, or even some swamp people (Actually a lot of what was going on in Point Lookout seemed inspired by Lovecraft now that I stop to think about it.).

The Children of the Atom are at Kingsport Lighthouse which I'm pretty sure is a reference to Lovecraft as well, but there aren't really any truly unique characters there that would be good for something like this.

Similar with the Dunwich Building and Dunwich Borers, clear references to Lovefract, but not much to go on as far as unique characters or even groups of characters who would be handled elsewhere.

That's all I can think of off hand where there would be characters in direct reference to HP Lovecraft's work, but I'm sure I'm missing a lot.

Would really love to see Pickman done as a pre-order bonus at some point though.

Anyone think of any other characters or locations that would work well related to the miniatures game?
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