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Help With Some Routine Tasks

posted Jun 08, 2018 15:17:23 by TonyPi
A couple of Tasks come up often in my game:

1) Setting signal encryption for top-secret communication channels: it seems like something the communications officer might do, but the rules only indicate Intercept and Signals Jamming. Should it be considered the same as Signals Jamming? How do the players set the level of difficulty?

2) Shuttlecraft security: how secure are shuttles when they are parked without someone to guard it? How does one lock the shuttle, and how does an enemy circumvent the lock? I guess this could also apply to securing prisoners or locks on restricted areas.

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Deadmanwalking said Jun 08, 2018 15:37:14
1. I'd assume signal encryption is a defensive opposed task. You say you do it, but don't roll until and unless someone tries to intercept your communications, at which point they attempt to get it and you resist (probably with Control + Engineering aided by the ship's Computers + Security). You could do a difficulty 2 task in advance to have an Advantage on this sort of roll as usual, though.

2. Honestly, this one I think is gonna vary a lot from situation to situation. I seem to recall shuttles being basically unlocked (I mean, usually everyone on board is either a member of Starfleet or being kept under observation), but I could easily be mistaken.
Shran said Jun 08, 2018 21:26:54
1. I'd say it is the opposite of the Intercept Task. Each Momentum the character pumps into this could increase the encryption strength (i.e. increase the Difficulty for others to decrypt it)

2. I always assume that shuttles have reasonable security measures to prevent unauthorized access and I assume that the characters know how to activate them. So I don't find it necessary for the players to specifically lock the shuttle, it is implied that the characters do this.
We have seen in the show that the command functions of a ship can be locked. They can be unlocked via biometric keys (mostly voice print). So for shuttles it is likely the same. If someone locates the shuttle, they could beam aboard but not use the shuttle. However, you can rearrange the isolinear chips and unlock the command functions. I remember a scene on DS9 where this was done.

Regarding prisoners: My players are always paranoid when it comes to securing prisoners behind a force field. Because when watching the show you just know that the force field will undoubtedly fail at some point. So they are inclined to do something extra, e.g. installing metal bars. I try to explain that the force field is in reality very secure and that the characters have no reason to doubt that.
In any case, a force field should be secure enough for a prisoner.
briandavion1982 said Jun 08, 2018 22:58:46
not only was that scene done but it was done by a pair of teenage boys, the only sang they ran into was they didn't know how to navigate manually. a dedicated ship jacker woulda had an easy time of it
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