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Combat clarification

posted Jun 05, 2018 22:21:25 by Aldaron
I'm a bit iffy on the use of Effects during combat (apart from just generating Momentum/Threat).
Let's say I'm shooting a phaser at someone - I roll damage and generate 2 Effects. Okay - I can use those to activate properties of the phaser, yes?
Now if I'm on the other end and taking cover; the GM has determined that there are 2^ worth of cover, so when the phaser hits me, I roll 2^ and get 2 Effects. So that's 2 Resistance against the phaser hit...but what would I use the Effects for under those circumstances? Would it just be narrative stuff that gives a bit of a bonus? "The phaser hits the console you're hiding behind, and it explodes in a shower of sparks and smoke, which will make the next shot coming at you at +2 Difficulty". Is that the sort of thing?

Thanks in advance for any help.
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PatricHenson said Jun 05, 2018 23:15:27
If you were shooting with a disruptor, each effect would add 1 damage to your total (since disruptor weapons have Vicious 1). Phasers have Charge though, so if you had used the prepare minor action to add Area, Piercing 2, or Vicious 1, then those effects would trigger once per effect rolled.

With cover, it could give you an additional resistance under some circumstances, but in lieu of that, it would have no effect (an effect with no effect lol).
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Elijah said Jun 05, 2018 23:48:16
I see you are thinking in Star Wars Advantage terms, no? In Star Trek the Effects are predetermined before rolling the Challenge Dice, you do not Activate them after the fact (Momentum is used for choices like that)
Aldaron said Jun 06, 2018 00:41:03
Ah, thanks folks.

Elijah - yes, that was exactly how I was thinking! :)
Makes more sense now!
Nathan.Dowdell said Jun 06, 2018 14:50:35
While there's not really any guidance in the rulebook for this (there might be something in the starships chapter, for cover from nebulae, gas clouds, and asteroid fields, but I can't remember off-hand), the idea of using Effects on cover dice isn't one I've overlooked. The following text is from the SRD, and it might be interesting for GMs who want to vary their environments a little more:

Cover takes the form of one or more CHallenge Dice - a fence may provide 2[CD] of Cover, for example - but the GM may rule that a specific instance is different in some way, by applying one or more of the following effects:
Sturdy X: the Cover grants an additional +X to total Resistance rolled for each Effect rolled.
Fragile: the Cover is fleeting, and each Effect rolled reduces the number of Challenge Dice it provides in future by 1. If this reduces the number of Challenge Dice to 0, then that instance of Cover is destroyed.
Uncertain: the Cover may be troublesome later, and it adds 1 to Threat for each Effect rolled.
Volatile X: the Cover is dangerous, and risky to use. If one or more Effects are rolled, the character/s protected by it suffer X[CD] damage and the conditional Resistance is destroyed. At the GM's discretion, it may instead cause a complication instead of damage.

The Sturdy and Fragile effects are self-explanatory, representing especially cover that holds up well or which crumbles under attack. Uncertain Cover may represent protection from something load-bearing or important, which could have consequences later. Volatile Cover could represent containers of something explosive or flammable, or something that could collapse.
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Aldaron said Jun 06, 2018 20:57:21
Thanks Nathan, that's fantastic. Exactly the sort of thing I was looking for.
Is there a page reference for that? You said it's from the SRD, I'm assuming that means System Reference Document - is that short-hand for the core rulebook, or is there another document I'm not aware of? I know Paizo, for example, has the ruleset online as the "Pathfinder SRD"; have I missed something similar for STA?
jonrcrew said Jun 07, 2018 09:19:16
I'm sure Nathan will correct me, but from other references, I think the SRD is the internal document the developers are using. It seems to have a few bits that didn't make it to print. I think the CRB _is_ the SRD as far as this came is concerned :)
Nathan.Dowdell said Jun 07, 2018 12:09:35
The SRD (yes, System Resource Document) is separate from Star Trek Adventures (though it contains many of the lessons learned while developing STA), and is intended as the base document for 2d20 System games going forwards. That material isn't official for Star Trek Adventures, but I thought it'd be a useful option for those who want to use it.

External release of the whole SRD is still a matter of internal discussion, so I can't really comment on that.
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