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Simultaneous Non-opposed Tasks

posted Jun 03, 2018 11:21:15 by Elijah
Playing the Starter Campaign this happened. The 3 PC were hidden on the top level of Main Engineering while 1 Enemy was unaware on the bottom level. The Players wanted to give a signal to one another and all 3 to shoot at the exact same time at the Single Enemy. What we ended up doing was all 3 Players rolled for the Task at the same time and we resolved the Attacks separately but at the same time. But it felt kinda clumsy, since Star Trek Adventures doesn't really have a Simultaneous Task mechanic unless it is an opposed Task. Should the Players have Assisted one another and then summed the Damage? It was ok for 3 Players, but my group can sometimes go up to 6 Players, and I don't wanna have to be having all 6 rolling Tasks simultaneously again. What to do in situations like this?
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Deadmanwalking said Jun 03, 2018 14:15:34
I'd have had them pick one character to actually 'shoot' (probably whoever has the most Security) and had the others assist them. That makes a hit (and some Momentum to spend of damage) very likely.
jonrcrew said Jun 04, 2018 12:23:18
Either route would be valid - there is a Ready task (p173), which can be used to coordinate separate attacks ("Waiting for leader's signal"), but as DMW points out, you could also have 2 characters assist the third, adding 2 dice to the roll and improving the results. Each might be better suited to different situations. If you go the coordinated separate attack route, it is actually sequential as each action interrupts the one just begun (rather like Magic the Gathering).

Assistance is basically "Simultaneous" in this system. Characters would never act at exactly the same time.
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