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Overcome a Weakness

posted Jun 01, 2018 05:29:47 by TracyGeorge
Looking at the item players can spend a Fortune Point on I saw Overcome a Weakness. I'm not totally sure about it. Does it last against one Harm or all Harm of the specified type in the scene? Does the ignored effect(s) of the Harm then come into play after the scene?
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Shran said Jun 01, 2018 08:38:03
Overcoming a Weakness means that the character ignores the effects of all Harms of a specific type (i.e. Wound or Trauma). This comes into play as soon as the character spends the Fortune point and it lasts until the end of the scene.
TracyGeorge said Jun 01, 2018 14:16:57
1. So they become basically "immune" to that type of Harm for the whole scene?
2. What about after the scene? Do you act like no Harm was done or does the Harm now come into effect?
Shran said Jun 01, 2018 15:46:23
1. Kind of. They ignore the effects of that Harm as if they had no Harm. But the Harm still exists. Let's say a character has 3 Wounds. That would mean penalties to physical attributes. The character spends a Fortune and now ignores the penalties. If the character now receives another Wound they would be incapacitated (because they have 4 Wounds) unless they spend another Fortune point. If they receive yet another Would (total 5), they are permanently incapacitated. No Fortune will help there. So basically Fortune only removes any penalties from a type of Harm. I think this is how it works.

2. After the scene, since all the Harm is still there, the penalties come into effect again. In the 4 Would example, the character would not suddenly be incapacitated, because they specifically prevented this with another Fortune point.
TracyGeorge said Jun 01, 2018 15:55:24
Ok, thanks. That makes more sense now.
rrcautela007 said Jun 01, 2018 17:54:29
Fortune points are extra nifty!
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