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How does Herbalism work?

posted Jun 01, 2018 12:43:46 by Shran

I don't really get how Herbalism (Book of Skelos) is supposed to work. Could someone please outline the steps for me?

This is what I assume:

1. Harvesting herbs. This is a Survival test and I get a certain amount of herbs (let's say 1 unit of herbs)
2. Prepare the herbs into a concoction. This is a D0 Survival test and takes 1 day per concoction.

Here is where I get confused. Is this concoction the same thing as the "Basic Concoction" from the table? It seems to be. But the description is totally different. And if it is not the same thing, what is the point of a Basic Concoction?

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rrcautela007 said Jun 01, 2018 17:55:36
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