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Warfare Talents Tree: "General"

posted May 22, 2018 07:34:36 by liegelord_ds
Warfare Talents Tree: "General"
Reference: Core Rules Pg.91, Player Handbook Pg.84

I am looking for a consensus on my GM ruling here, please.

BACKGROUND: I have let my players do whatever they desire in planning their talents, with a hands-off approach. My players are free to introduce their new skills to me (and their fellow players) at any time. But I fear this hands-off approach shall blow up in my face now, for after my player has spent time and effort to acquire this skill tree, I feel my player has totally misinterpreted the 'General' talent, and expects to commence the next game with a couple of "side-kicks" to join him on the adventure road.

TO PONDER: Upon reading the introductory text to the WARFARE talent tree, it seems pretty clear to me that the skill is indeed for
waging war around a fortification, whether inside or outside it
. And so, it is my interpretation that fostering a few soldiers (be they minions or elites, as a personal "retinue") is only applicable in the event of a warfare scene where my Player Characters might be in a grand battle setting

MY RULING: I plan to rule that no, my player cannot simply "adopt" some soldiers to use in our general campaign, as though they were pets/creatures.

QUESTION: Do the rest of you GM's out there agree with my ruling? (and yes, my players won't argue my rulings, I am the respected GM, but putting this question out to you all gives me the ammunition to also add in... "and other GMs agree with me")
I will tell my player he can simply re-assign his talent tree experience spends (if he chooses) to other talents.
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Shran said Jun 01, 2018 09:58:19
There is nothing in the Talent that says that the warband only works in mass battles. Sure, the Warfare tree is intended for sieges, mass battles, etc., but this should not preclude the use outside of this area. The Strategist Talent clearly works even when you are shot at by a single archer. And as a GM, if player characters want to purchase Talents in a certain tree, I try to make the Talents somewhat useful.

Read the Talent description carefully, especially this line: "In addition, you can create a retinue [...]". The key word for me is "can". So when a character purchases the Talent, they do not magically get 4 NPCs as pets. Also "The warriors in your retinue must [...] be dedicated followers who have trained with you". Do those warriors even exist? Does the character have an appropriate military background? Maybe you could incorporate this into your campaign so that the character finds/rescues future members of the warband.

I agree that having like 4 elite NPCs at the character's side seems strong, but it is basically the same Talent as "Faithful Companions" from the Animal Handling tree. The warband are still NPCs, to the character must issue commands if they want to control them.

BTW, NPCs are always a nice target for those nasty complications ;)
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