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Breaches and Shuttles Without Weapons

posted May 08, 2018 11:37:38 by TonyPi
So we started the Living Campaign adventure 'Signals' yesterday, with the crew heading to the surface in a Shuttlecraft. They were blindsided and shot at, and took an incredible 8 damage due to all 4 challenge dice showing the Starfleet symbol, for two breaches. One of the breaches hit the Weapons system, but their shuttle didn't have weaponry.

In this case, do I assume that even a weaponless shuttlecraft has some kind of weapon system (e.g., back-up circuitry that allow for the installation of phasers if they had paid Escalation for those) that absorbed the Breach? Or would we assume there is no Weapons System to begin with, and the damage automatically overflows to Sensors?

I ruled there is a redundant weapons system even in those cases, but want to be sure. (They survived.)

Side question: if they use multiple Arc Milestones in the course of their career, can they theoretically select additional Talents several times?
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jonrcrew said May 08, 2018 12:25:13
Remembering your ship model matrices at CM - wouldn't it make most sense for it to just drop through to Sensors? That's a common assumption in ship-level battle games.

Our crew took Engines and Structure...

Can't comment on the other at this point - sorry!
Elijah said May 08, 2018 15:07:56
So the attacker had Vicious 1 on their weapons I assume?

I just assumed that ships with no weapons overflow to Sensors immediately, but I cannot find any rules about that.

Are you asking about using an Arc Milestone to add an additional Ship Talent? That can be done only once per Starship in total, it is very explicitly said in the rules.
Shran said May 08, 2018 15:30:58
If the Weapons System of a ship is destroyed, the damage is applied to Sensors instead (p. 230). Also, a ship with no weapons has a Weapons System score of 0. The question is, is this System treated as being destroyed for the purposes of applying damage? I would think so, even so it means that the shuttle can technically suffer less breaches than others.

Arc Milestones: I think the only limitation is that you can't go above 13 with an Attribute or above 5 with a Discipline. Otherwise you can do what you want - even selecting multiple additional (different) Talents.
TonyPi said May 08, 2018 15:43:18
Yes, I was wondering if the lack of weapons made the shuttles even more fragile.
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