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Questions about threaten attacks and Displays of might and Power

posted May 05, 2018 03:34:25 by mayervi
One of my player play an experienced charlatan with Personality 12, Persuade Expertise 5 Focus 5 with the Talents: Force of Presence, Naturally Charming 3 and Strong-Arm Tactics 3.
He's also a sorcerer than can cast Haunt the Mind.
My questions:
1) does Naturally charming apply to threaten attack and Displays of might and Powers (+3 momentum on success)? The rules doesn't specify that the bonus are for charming purpose only but for any persuade test...and threaten attack use persuade skill test.
2) Does Strong-Arm tactics bonus dices apply to threaten attack and Displays of might and Powers (roll +3 bonus dices every time and Piercing 3)? If so, it seem the cost is pretty low compare to others talents (that required momentum or doom to gains similar benefits)
3) Does Threaten or Displays can be use on every type of foes (except Brain-Dead creatures)? I have a hard time seeing an hungry Polar Bear or a Frost Giant fleeing in panic the Steely Glare attack of the charlatan. Should Flaming Brand Displays should at least be a requirement to affect animals?

If so, the charlatan can do every round a Steely Glare with 5d20 roll, 6 damages dices , piercing 3 and 3 automatic bonus momentum (than can be applies to additional damage or piercing).
He can also cast a terrifying illusion with Haunt the Mind on the first round and use Sorcerous Might Display the next round with 5d20, 9 damages dice, Piercing 3, Area, Intense and 3 automatic bonus momentum...
That a lot of pretty much automatic mental damages! No Toughened foes could resist one round of those mental attacks.

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Dislikes_Elves said May 05, 2018 15:46:10
It's been a while but it's my understanding that the answer to all 3 questions is yes. PCs in Conan can be very strong from the beginning if built with a certain purpose in mind. It's also very easy to build strong melee characters.
SteveHanson said May 05, 2018 18:32:17
Per raw, yes they do BUT if a GM doesnt think that a talent makes sense in any circumstance they can veto it. 2) yes. 3) yes

BUT (and this is a big but) the GM decides difficulty each time. Scaring a sorcerer with sorcery might not be a D1. Intimidating the kings bodyguard might be a d5 test with a high morale too.

An 8 talent fearmonger is a scary prospect. So scary that skilled assassins poison thier wine or snipe them with crossbows and jealous sorcerers summon creatures to sort them out.

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mayervi said May 06, 2018 07:51:34
Thanks for the replies!

Threaten attacks and displays of might and power are attacks and are always an Average (D1) skill test, unless the target declare a Defend Reaction (and really what chance someone could have to win a Struggle vs 5d20 with TN 17?).
Of course, veterans warriors and most surnaturals creatures have courage and I could add Morale bonus based on condition (if they outnumbered the heroes, if they are in their stronghold, etc)... Area attack trigger by the Displays is more easy to defend (D2) ... the attack won't do much to Nemesis ... and this is designed mostly to defeat mobs of minions (witch is a fantastic design and really appropriate for the genre).
And really it doesn't bother me that he could defend itself with Presence the same way the barbarian (another player character) does with is 2H axes with 9 damage vicious 2, piercing 2 attack (for an average of 15-17 dmg per hit)...
And I known I could defeat him easily with any attacker who win initiative (has hyborian age sorceror don't have much in defense)...
My main concern is the lowest cost (in XP) compare to similar talents design for the same purpose of defeating foes... (plus these bonus could be use for other purpose like diplomacy and making new friends). They're is nothing comparable for Melee or Ranged Weapon skills. So I was not sure my interpretation was correct or if those talents where somehow limited in their applications. I just want to avoid silly situations where the character could simply scare a rat swarm, a pair of giants spiders or a big and hungry Saber-Toothed Tiger simply by using natural charming and his Steely Glare....
And by writing this I think I just found my solution with linguistics: Lacking a common language increase the difficulty of all skill test that involve communication (command, Counsel or persuade) by one difficulty step for basic communication and two step for unusually complex topics or dialects. Let just say that animals and monstruous beasts usually don't have a common language with the heroes and that it should be unusually complex...

Case close... I love this game! :-)
GleefulGrognard said Jul 11, 2018 18:58:08
It has been a while. But I should mention that with a targrt number of 17 and a focus of 5. Hitting a d3 check is childsplay. Heck hitting a d5 check is pathetically easy with 5 dice and those odds, likely to come out of it with momentum to spare too.
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