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What are you doing to prepare?

posted Apr 29, 2018 16:16:44 by verdunbishop
So wondering what other fans are doing to prepare for the release?

I've been coming up with story ideas for a campaign, looking for extra terrain items and planning some scratch builds. Downside is I'm also trying to save up for wave 2 so I don't want to buy anything! lol
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JamesMonson said Apr 30, 2018 04:06:29
I have been replaying Fallout 4. I picked up some of the battlesystem terrain but like you I don't want to spend too much as I want to play mainly as the Institute or the Enclave and both of those come out in Wave 2.
KeithLak said May 04, 2018 01:37:10
Mostly playing Fallout 4 and trying to work the rest of Wave 1 into my budget before pre-orders for Wave 2 start.
ashaman164d said May 04, 2018 16:07:55
Pretty excited about all of this. Got all my preorders in before the cutoff for first shipping delivery.

Mostly I'm just bouncing off the walls, excited about them shipping soon (Late this month last I heard?) and squirreling away a little money to jump straight into Wave 2! Also I've been keeping my eyes pealed for 0 Scale model train pieces since they should be pretty close size wise. Got a few train cars I've found at the local second hand stores that should look right at home on the table.

And whenever I find a few minutes to play, I've been playing a little bit of Fallout 2, and Fallout 4 off and on.
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verdunbishop said May 06, 2018 16:05:06
I've also just started to make some terrain for my squads base :)

Also just ordered some more bits of terrain for it and modeling supplies...realised I used up the last of my glue last year XD
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lopez.dominique.m said May 25, 2018 20:25:23
I playtested with a friend the two first tuto missions using 40K converted minis. So far so good (not that much for the Survivors though) the system quite easy to get.
I guarantee once you get to the more "roleplaying" parts (using expertise and such) you can almost ear in the distance a radstorm coming and some 50's jazz playin'
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