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A Most Wanted Klingon

posted Apr 28, 2018 11:48:13 by Megilered
Here's an outline for a scenario that could be inserted into a campaign in the Shackleton Expanse. I'm aiming for a bit of a Cold War espionage type scenario, while not losing sight of Star Trek. I don't know if I will ever get to run it, but any feedback is welcome.

Synopsis: An heir to the House of Duras has escaped Klingon space and is headed to a neutral planet in the Shackleton Expanse. Starfleet Intelligence believes his intention is to defect to the Romulan Star Empire, who will use him to rally opposition to Gowron and the Federation-Klingon alliance. The Player Starship is closer and faster than the nearest Klingon warship. The crew is to head to the neutral planet and prevent the fugitive leaving with the Romulans, while acting within interstellar law and avoiding a dispute with the locals if possible. A warbird is enroute, and will arrive some hours after the player's ship.

1. Starfleet Command's orders state that the dissident is not to be detained until it is confirmed he is intending to defect to the Romulans, as until then the matter is regarded as an internal Klingon one. However, under Federation law, there would be no legal basis for interfering in the right of any individual to asylum, unless it can be shown that it is not in good faith; that is, that is solely a means to destabilising a foreign power. The crew will have to gather evidence that the dissident does intend to work for the Romulans against Gowron for this to be legal.

2. When the Romulans turn up, they can quickly beam the Klingons up and depart, preventing any gathering of information. To prevent this, the crew will have to come up with a way of preventing transport to and from the planet. (Possible ideas: using the deflector to create a scattering field, having an away team set up pattern maskers in the vicinity of the dissident's accommodation, convincing the planetary authorities to raise their defensive shields).

3. Will the crew adopt an honest approach with the planetary authorities, attempt a covert mission, or even adopt an aggressive tone? This choice may affect Starfleet after the scenario is over.

4. The Romulans will not want a major incident to develop, but will send a covert special operations team if it will get them what they want. Alternatively, they may just unmask any secret actions Starfleet have taken. If the crew have taken an antagonistic stance to the planetary government, the authorities may even request help from the Romulans to remove the player ship from orbit.

5. Unbeknownst to Starfleet Intelligence, the supposed dissident is not particularly inclined to toppling the Klingon government. He has been pushed to this position by the corruption and paranoia of Gowron, and the machinations of his own advisors. He would much prefer asylum in the Federation to being made a Romulan puppet. The crew will have to separate him from his retinue to make the offer though.

6. The Mupwl', commanded by Captain Akul, will arrive after the Romulans. If the situation is still in progress, they are not above taking aggressive action to resolve it. Their orders are to transport the dissident back to Klingon space for a show trial and execution.
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PatricHenson said May 04, 2018 05:37:25
Cool. I like how you tied it in with the living campaign!
"Lease and pong life. Prosp long and liver."
—Varek of Sulkin'
Megilered said May 12, 2018 23:03:20
Cheers! I think I'm going to try and write it out in the same style as the Living Campaign missions when I get the time.
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