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poleaxe, piercing and vicious

posted Apr 21, 2018 22:51:14 by jdtibbs
I'm trying to see if there's something I'm missing about effects. My character recently picked up a poleaxe, a weapon I hadn't looked at before.

The pole axe is 2h, 4 damage, piecing 1, vicious 1, and intense. My questions is, aren't piercing 1 and vicious 1 redundant?
Example: I attack and enemy with 3 pts of soak and hit. I roll a 2,5,5,6 - base 5 damage and 3 effects. I can use those effects for either (not both) vicious or piercing.
a) I use all the effects for piercing, ignoring the targets armor and do 5 damage.
b) I use all the effects for vicious, dealing 8 damage and the targets soak reduces that to 5.
c) any combination of the above.

Am I missing something? Is there an actual reason for having both qualities on the weapon?
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rrcautela007 said Apr 22, 2018 00:17:11
Mebbe Im wrong but I believe that each effect result triggers a weapon quality once, no matter which one, if it can be triggered.
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aumchugh said Apr 22, 2018 04:33:23
Yes. You add both effects to the same successful attack. The reason they both are there is this:

Piercing ignores Soak. Vicious adds additional damage. Completely different effects.

In your example, 5 base damage PLUS 3 add'l damage (from Vicious) equals 8 total. Because the target's Soak = 3, your Piercing effects rolled (3 total) allow the attack to ignore that Soak entirely (because 3=3). So all 8 points of damage are inflicted, which also creates a Harm.

Hope that helps.
EmmanuelFrancois said Apr 27, 2018 20:52:37
It gets better (or worse, i you're on the recieving end...) : with the Intense in the mix, 8 damages also get you an extra harm i at least one is inilcted. Which in the example given would net you 2 harms (3 if the victim had 8 or less hit points let). Really nasty, and it comes very handy against thoughened ennemies
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