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Weapons with Charge

posted Apr 17, 2018 09:45:50 by Shran

I have a rules question. Phaser weapons usually have the Charge quality. According to the rule book, if "...the character performs a Prepare Minor Action before attacking with this weapon, they may add one of the following weapon Damage Effects...". Does this mean that the character must perform the Prepare Minor Action before every single attack, just once per scene, one time for every target or something else?
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StephenBirks said Apr 17, 2018 11:30:38
Personally I have interpreted this as the next attack
Nathan.Dowdell said Apr 17, 2018 14:19:34
It applies only to the next attack. You don't have to use the Prepare action with a Phaser, but it's "default" state has no damage effects.

This is to apply a reasonable but not insurmountable cost for what is an extremely flexible and versatile weapon, without having to track any extra persistent resource (as was the case in the playtest), and it nicely mimics the show where characters often take a moment or two to adjust the phaser settings before they fire.

Remember, you can get as many extra Minor Actions as you want for 1 Momentum each, so this doesn't prevent you moving or aiming (or other minor actions).
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Shran said Apr 17, 2018 14:58:24
OK, thanks for the feedback. Rule-wise it made sense, now I understand the narrative behind it better.
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