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Using Mongoose

posted Apr 17, 2018 19:39:18 by RichardGrove
Im a die hard REH fan and love the approach Modiphius has taken with the new Conan RPG. I do however own every one of the Mongoose publications and though the rules stuff is of limited value there is a TON of setting material in there, most of which is very, very good - even if based off of popular pastiche. What are your feelings on using some of this stuff to flesh out an area of the map, sticking to Modiphius when a conflict of course comes up but utilizing some of Darlage's excellent stuff to further populate a GM's personal version of the Hyborian Age?
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rrcautela007 said Apr 18, 2018 23:08:32
I'd have no qualms about using their stuff.
rrcautela007 said Apr 18, 2018 23:09:39
Theres even an official conversion document for ease when translating to 2D20.
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aumchugh said Apr 22, 2018 04:44:12
Oh man. I use the Mongoose stuff a lot. Not necessarily for gaming mechanics, but for campaign reference and other stuff. Lots of good information, especially the Road of Kings resource book. The thing about "REH Conan/Hyboria" is that. by definition, your characters and stories are in direct conflict with "REG canon" anyway. They do not exist in REH lore. That's what's so neat about Conan - you create what you like using the Hyborian Age as your backdrop. It's not detailed, so you don't get that nagging feeling of "am I doing this right?" Of course you are doing it right - lots of action, buxom women, mysterious treasure to discover, and villainous wizards to slay!!
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