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Khan Miniature

posted Apr 11, 2018 10:15:22 by StephenBirks
So apparently Modiphius has created a Khan miniature which will be free (while stocks last) to anyone that attends the same conventions as Modiphius AND purchases a Star Trek Adventures product.

I do not like this policy as it discriminates on 2 fronts:

Firstly if you live on another continent, oh well. Though this can be mitigated though approved overseas partners attending events.
Secondly you must purchase a STA product. At first glance, fair enough, but what of those that have already purchased everything STA has to offer? (Yes Modiphius has me hook, line and sinker!)

(Rather annoyingly, in addition to these restrictions, of the events they have listed where I could get the miniature I can only attend Dragonmeet due to professional development commitments. Just my own First World Problem!)

I hope that this is not a complete exclusive and perhaps Modiphius will offer it as an individual purchase, or as an free add-on to purchases of Alpha/Operations.
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