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A basic question about the Withdraw Action

posted Apr 11, 2018 04:34:35 by rrcautela007
Hiyas fellow bs,

A basic kwestion, by Crom!

When Withdrawing, does the withdraw action help against all attacks or just one opponent's?

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rrcautela007 said Apr 15, 2018 04:49:12
Will no one help the Widows Son?
Dislikes_Elves said Apr 15, 2018 08:52:39
We don't play Conan anymore and the question didn't come up with our group but upon reading the rules again I'd say it helps against every foe since the Retaliate reaction(costing 1 doom each) cannot be taken against someone who took the withdraw action (p. 116).
rrcautela007 said Apr 15, 2018 18:32:20
Thanks for yr input, sorry to hear of the barbarian's demise.
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