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How many attacks character can do?

posted Apr 09, 2018 22:42:56 by MarekPisarski
I have a question about wording in core book and working spell- swiftness. Is there any difference between 'standard actioa' and 'combat action'?
Because applying from text: "A player may spend a Chronicle point to allow his character to perform an additional standard action. When spending a Chronicle point, the player does not have to pay the GM any Dark Symmetry points and he may choose to perform the same Standard Action more than once. A player may spend more than one Chronicle point to allow a character to perform multiple extra actions. (Likewise, the GM will be able to perform bonus Standard Action)", in non CP additional Standard Action could work in a different way. Otherwise in core book there is not clear how many CP player can spend on additional Standard Action in one turn.
When character use Aspect of Mentalism- Swiftness spell and adds standard action, can he use it to make another attack action like ranged weapon, close combat or offensive spell (for exampel: strike- Aspect of Kinetics)? Or maybe secend standard action can be only use in non offensive way like to move or use some kind of healing spell, etc?
If he can use it as a another combat action/attack is it possiable to conect it with Perfection spell (Aspect of Mentalism) and buy yet another 2d20 dice for DSP or Mental wounds. If he will be lucky and gain 5 success (Swiftness has defficulty D1 so he will have 4 momentum)he could use it to gain additional 3 standard action (standart 1 and 2 for momentum). So it become possible to attack 4 times in 1 turn. In addition character can in the same turn also use swift strike (with Perfection spell and 4 attacks collecting 2 momentum is less then easy). If character like he can buy yet another action for CP. So in this case/scenario it is possible to attack 6 times in one turn (7 if there is possibility to make a riposte). So... is it possible??? How should I understand 'standard action' and 'combat action', how swiftness spell works? How many attacks character can do? Are there any conditions? How many CP player can spend on additional standard action?
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MarcLangworthy said Apr 11, 2018 15:52:14
Hi Marek!
You might be getting confused with the wording 'During a combat round' for CP? You can gain an extra Standard Action (SA) during a combat round with a CP. No limit to how many CP can be spent in each turn. There wouldn't be any point in gaining a SA outside of combat, as your not acting using the normal action sequence.

For Swiftness, it can absolutely be used for ranged attacks, close combat, other spells, etc. Don't forget, however, that it requires an SA to cast Swiftness, so they really only get their SA back on the first round (unless they roll particularly well and gain lots of Momentum).

Not sure where you're going with Perfection? The spell adds a bonus d20 to any test made with one attribute. It isn't a guaranteed success, nor guaranteed Momentum. Yes, Swiftness can be paired in some way. If the spell caster wants to make lightning quick close combat attacks, for instance, they would probably choose to use Perfection on their Agility in the hopes of gaining additional Momentum from the bonus d20.

There are is no limit on the number of attacks other than the amount of Momentum rolled. Art spells are powerful for a reason.
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