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Help me identify Starfleet ships in Beta Quadrant book (Solved)

posted Apr 07, 2018 08:15:45 by Elijah
I'm trying to identify 2 Starfleet ships from the Beta Quadrant Book. They are both on page 92 battling four Romulan 22nd Century Bird of Prey. The bottom one is also on page 100 in the middle left background. I'm assuming both them are from around 2151-2161. Does anyone know what classes these ships are? Thanks!
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Elijah said Apr 07, 2018 09:35:16
I uploaded the zoomed images of ships

jonrcrew said Apr 07, 2018 10:19:48
(Stretches wrists and cracks knuckles)

My specialty! Although it probably helps to know the DeviantArt addresses for the main artist, David Metlesits... None of these are canon (or even spin-off canon) by the way - I think they came from the artist's own fan art.

So, top is a Bellflower-class cruiser, then an LC-class Littoral Combat vessel (Earth not Starfleet). I can't make out the third properly (or find it in the original image!) but it looks like another LC.

Hope that helps?
Elijah said Apr 07, 2018 10:43:36
Finally, thank you so much! I found the LC Class and assumed it was by David Metlesits. But I could not find the other ship!
So, this is solved, links for both ships, if anyone is curious:
Bellflower Class
LC Class
Elijah said Apr 07, 2018 15:49:02
@jonrcrew I also just realized that on page 109 those aren't just Constitution class ships engaged with the Klingon D7. The bottom left on is a Miranda-type TOS version without the roll bar. And the top two are actually Pallada Class, with one visible the name USS Polaris NCC-782, which as I think from David Metlesits Deviantapt page is his flagship of sorts. Also if you someone can confirm that is a Miranda or another class that would also be appreciated, as I'm current looking at a lot of deviantart images hoping to run into that exact ship.
EDIT: Last ship solved. That is a TOS version of Miranda called Surya class.
Pallada Class.
Surya class

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jonrcrew said Apr 08, 2018 08:41:01
Yeah, the various iterations of the Polaris (including the LC) are part of his First Fleet fanfic. Based on the idea that Earth retained a more military fleet after the creation of Starfleet. I'm not too fond of the Pallada (too unbalanced for my liking), but the LC is cool, and I love his work generally. The Bellflower is a lovely little design, seemingly inspired by some of Masao Okazaki's work.

The Surya is an old fandom design from Ships of the Star Fleet, and I believe, along with the Coventry, forms the TOS-era version of the Miranda, called an Avenger in that work.
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