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FAQ / Errata?

posted Apr 05, 2018 18:14:46 by deckard1985
Is there an FAQ or Errata for the core rule book anywhere yet?
My group have been using this for our Aliens campaign for a few sessions now and some questions have come up that would be great to nail down:

The initiative system is pretty cool describe what you're going to do in lowest reaction order to fastest and then act in reaction order - unless you're shooting someone that is outside of melee range (two metres) then you go faster. That all makes sense, the question I have is when does shooting a moving target apply a modifier? If shooting mostly occurs before movement when would you ever be applying a modifier for shooting a moving target?
Follow on related question, if you have declared your action to shoot someone and you act last by which point your target is dead can you change your action? We've been playing this as yes, but you gain a modifier depending on how different the action is to what was planned (shoot someone else -1 throw a grenade -2)

Are there any rules for cover? Trying to search all I could find reference to was calling shots where you could aim somewhere for a modifier - the implication was that if you could only see the head then you had to called shot the head, but this felt a bit unclear. Diving for covers gives you a -4 modifier to be hit, but does this stay once you are in cover?

Medical care. You heal 4 Fatal HP per 24 Hour so assume 1 HP every 6 hours if in a tank (worse in other situations). The medical pod states that if successful it restores 5 HP of critical damage (and reattaches a severed limb) are critical HP different to fatal HP. Trying to work out if a Medical Pod is an upgrade on a Medical Tank for faster healing?
A first aid kit stabilises fatal wounds and can treat non-fatal wounds but what is the result of a success for non-fatal wound healing?
With Regen is the package benefit of being a Medical Technician already factored in so best result is heal 4 HP or does the sequence go Med Tech with Expert +6HP, First Aid skill at 2 or more +4HP, First Aid less than 2 +2HP?

Lastly, for specialities it says you can buy the same one multiple times: does that refer to getting Shooting: Carbines, Shooting: Burst Fire. Or does it mean you could get Shooting: Carbines 2 (ie if you roll two 8s you can reroll both)

If anyone has suggestions feel free to chime in, or more questions, if we don't get an official answer I'll ping the chap on facebook messenger he answered my armour questions really fast when I asked him last year.
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