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posted Apr 04, 2018 00:07:03 by admiraljcjf
One of my players (who made and runs Valentin - The Caledonian Wulver) made a personal app for his character, and I liked what he was doing so much that I encouraged him to put in a little more work so it became usable by the community.

It's in effective final beta, since it's so simple it doesn't require much more. He built it to allow storage of mechanical elements of the sheet. Currently it is lacking Remotes and a couple of other minor areas like any starships, it also is very manual right now since the data entry for Talents, Hosts, and the like would be so tremendously boring he couldn't be bothered.

He has done some work to make it usable on mobile as well, though given the complexity of the sheets it may not be super accessible. There are some quality of life things he'd like to do around that, but it requires a bunch of testing and development time, and right now he's taking a bit of a break from active development to resume work on a D&D setting.

Feel free to ask questions and the like if you want, I'm happy to pass them on.
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