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Living Shadow Ranks?

posted Mar 25, 2018 02:57:52 by ShannonChristopherWright
So Living Shadow says this:
CRB Wrote:
You are adept at using terrain effects and social cues to
remain unnoticed by observers. When attempting to remain
unseen or unnoticed, you gain bonus Momentum equal to
your ranks this talent.

But it has no "Maximum Ranks" entry listed, so...
CRB also wrote:
Maximum Ranks: X, where X is the maximum number
of ranks allowable in the talent. Treat X as rank 1 if no
entry is present.

So is it limited to 1 rank, in which case the LS text is just wrong, or is there an entry missing?

Thanks in advance for clarification!
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rrcautela007 said Mar 25, 2018 05:21:46

Talents with ranks usually have a max rating of 3. You could base yr ruling on this.

ShannonChristopherWright said Mar 25, 2018 06:05:40
Hey thanks!

Yeah, that seems logical, the line regarding max ranks is just missing and should be the default Max of 3.

Of course the "No Entry Present" seems to override it, as written anyhow, which would limit it to 1.

But I agree with your assessment that it should be 3, the text supports it.
coyote6 said Apr 12, 2018 23:23:48
My copy of the PDF says Maximum Ranks: 3 under Living Shadow, for what it’s worth.
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