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Additional Combat Tasks

posted Mar 21, 2018 00:41:16 by Elijah
I'd like to share for now, it just adds some more Tasks that give you more choice when being attacked in Melee or Ranged combat. My long-term goal is the remove the Damage Dice and have instead static damage, like in Star Wars FFG RPG or get rid of damage tracking overall, and also to remove the need for Combat Momentum Spends by implementing them into the Tasks directly. I have not playtest all of this, as life is kinda busy and don't have time to GM atm.

When engaged in a Melee Attack, the character can choose instead of attacking to defend. The character performs a Fitness + Security Task with a Difficulty of 0 in an opposed Task to the standard Daring + Security Task Difficulty of 1. This way the defending character has an advantage over the attacking character, but if the Defending character wins the opposed Task, no damage is done to the Attacking character.

Disarming an opponent can as well be a Task(in addition to being a Combat Momentum Spend) by performing a Control + Security Task with a Difficulty of 2. If successful, the target is disarmed of the weapon and it falls on the ground within reach. This is not an opposed Task. A character can pick up a weapon within reach as a Minor Action, or pay 2 Immediate Momentum to pick it up as part of an Opposed Melee Task (even if defending).

When a Character chooses to shoot at another character with a ranged attack and if the target is aware of the attack, the target can pay 2 Immediate Momentum in order to perform a Task simultaneously to being shot at. The character can Shoot Back (Control + Security Difficulty 2, if successful do standard damage and if both characters are successful both characters take damage) or Take Cover (Fitness + Security Difficulty 2, if successful the character has taken cover nearby and gains the appropriate amount of Cover Dice based on the type of cover for instance 2CD for Light Cover and 4CD for Heavy Cover)

What do you all think, ideas, questions?
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PatricHenson said Mar 21, 2018 03:59:32
The Melee rules already allow you to disengage, grapple or shove rather than deal damage with a strike.

As for disarming, it would have to be more difficult. The disarm momentum spend costs 2 (if I remember correctly), so you have to succeed at the Task in the first place and then spend two Momentum, so, effectively it adds 2 to the difficulty of the Task.
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Elijah said Mar 21, 2018 05:33:28
The main difference with Disengage and my Defend Task is that the Defend Task is a 0 Difficulty, instead of 1 but does no Damage. Or I guess the Character gains 1 Bonus Momentum, same thing.
I had a player just wanting to knock out a pistol out of someone's hand but not injure them. So I decided to consider Disarming an Advantage, which is a Difficulty 2 Task. Again, my disarming Task does no damage.
For shove, I just find it kinda silly that one needs to still roll CD to see if they are knocked prone since once can just resist that by paying Threat.
And grapple is again complicated and a special rules that needs to be looked up everytime it is used, as it is rarely used imho.
Shran said Mar 21, 2018 11:30:46
So you want to get rid of Damage Dice but Cover Dice are fine? That doesn't make any sense. If anything, cover should always be static.
How does one get injured if there is no damage? I assume if you hit, the target just receives an injury. I remember another thread here about this. Was that with you? If you want to get rid of damage dice and therefore add new Tasks, it would probably be helpful for others if you could summarize how damage is supposed to work now.

In the Conan RPG from Modiphius, there are certain "reactive" Tasks (I use the nomenclature from STA). In essence, when you are attacked, you can pay 1 Threat to perform such a reactive Task that potentially negates the attack. Which is basically what you describe in ranged combat. The interesting thing here is that performing a reactive Task always costs Threat, and the cost goes up by +1 for each successive reactive Task. The increased cost is a key element which makes it harder (or more expensive) for characters to do reactive Tasks. Also you can only use reactions when you are aware of the attack.

I like the "Defend" option. However, I would combine this with ranged attacks. "Defend" is rather abstract, and could be parrying in melee or dodging a shot.

I propose this:

When you are attacked, you can add 1 Threat to Defend. For ranged attacks, this turns the attack into an Opposed Task.

Fitness + Security (Difficulty 0 for melee, Difficulty 2 for ranged). If the attacker does not win, than the attack deals no damage. The Threat cost is increased by +1 for each previous Defend Task attempted by the character in this scene.

You can add shooting back, however I don't find this particularly Star Trek-y. This has more of a wild west feel. Also, I think the goal should be to add more defensive options since attacks are now deadly in one hit. It would be frustrating for the players to get shot this way. Also, I don' think it should not be that you can defend all the time. This makes both melee and ranged attacks ridiculous and potentially frustrating for both the GM and the players. Defending should be a conscious choice and it should have some sort of cost.
Elijah said Mar 21, 2018 17:08:26
@Shran The cover dice was my mistake, I meant to put static cover there. My thinking right now is having damage but using it being static damage, for instance a Phaser Type-1 on Stun Setting does 5 damage, while a Knife does 2+Security Damage, and you can use Momentum from the Attack Task to add damage. It is very much how Star Wars FFG RPG has damage, since it does not have a separate damage roll. But it is a lot of effort to change all the weapons to static and I'm not sure exactly how to change ship weapons. I will probably end up keeping CD in some way since they are very much all over everything, even if they aren't core rules. I was thinking maybe Unarmed Strike does 1+Security Damage and roll 1CD, on effect the Target is knocked down and cannot resist that. But again, it's a lot of work and my life is busy atm so I can't get around to playtest my ideas for a while.
Yeah, I was asking a while back about combat without damage, but again if I went that route then I'd want to do space combat without damage and I'm not sure how much abstract I wanna get right now. I might still end up doing it, depending on how my players feel.

I do make some very good points. You say that the cost for the reactive Task goes up by +1. Is this if you use more than one reactive Task in a single round? Does the cost reset at the start of the next round? Having to use Threat for that is a good mechanic.

That is a good point about Shooting Back, I'll keep that in mind and probably remove it. I can see a player having a change of mind after shooting someone just to have them shoot back. But yeah, maybe I'll try to come up with more defending options. One can be to completely avoid the attack, and the other maybe to take some cover or something.
Thanks a lot, you've actually helped me a lot!
Shran said Mar 21, 2018 18:54:43
Basically in Conan you can Defend using skills (e.g. Parry) to block an attack. That would be a reactive Task. A character can do an unlimited number of reactive Tasks in a single Scene (not round). The first reactive Task costs 1 Threat, the second 2, the third 3, and so on. Basically, you can opt to try to defend against all attacks, but this will build up much Threat. It's a trade-off.

Regarding static damage: Statistically, one Challenge Die deals 0.833 damage (1.166 with Vicious 1). So for simplicity reasons, you could just say the static damage is equal to the number of challenge dice. This is not quite correct (because it is statistically a little bit higher damage) but OK because you can use Defend Tasks. Also you don't have any converting to do because 1CD = 1 damage.

Don't you add the Security score to phaser damage? I think this is actually a cool mechanic in STA that security officers deal more damage even with crappy weapons.

But I'm not really sure how static damage is supposed to work if you don't track it.
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