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Updated Ship Registry Sheets (V3)

posted Mar 15, 2018 17:05:56 by StephenBirks
I have updated my Ship Registry sheet to Version 3. This has added support for COMMAND and BETA.

As always feedback and suggestions are welcome and encouraged.

NOTE: I purposefully have left the Sovereign and Captain's Yatch as presented in the book. This will be updated silently when official errata is published.



As always these are linked on the Ship Registry page of the
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Patrick_Goodman said Jul 10, 2018 23:28:55
The Excel version says it no longer exists, and I'm not sure the Google Sheets version converted right to Excel. Just FYI.
StephenBirks said Jul 11, 2018 08:15:48
Thanks for the heads up. Don't know why the Excel link was broken but it should be fixed now.

I am disappointed with the google sheet that members of this community believe it is OK to rename my file to their ship name, and also feel it is OK to add sheets to the file. It looks like I will have to reset the file and lock it fully.
Patrick_Goodman said Jul 11, 2018 14:20:11
The Excel version opens a character sheet, but the cleaned-and-locked Google Sheet version seems to be working okay for me.

Should the Talents automatically populate according to Spaceframe and Mission Profile? Or is that functionality lost from going from Excel to Google Sheets to Excel again? IT's not a big deal, I'm just wondering.
StephenBirks said Jul 11, 2018 16:09:09
Thanks for that. I updated the link when you said there was an issue, but I used the Character sheet link. Fixed

I toyed with the idea of auto populating talents, but I decided against it as they can be swapped out via milestones.
Patrick_Goodman said Jul 11, 2018 23:30:46
Just making sure. Thanks!
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