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Sprint Action and Movement

posted Mar 14, 2018 21:59:36 by Alakhai
The character may move to any point in any zone within Long range. Sprinting through difficult or hazardous terrain increases the difficulty of terrain tests by one step. If the test fails, the character either counts as having taken a Movement action or, at the GM’s preference, faces a Complication such as tripping, making too much noise, or not being in Cover at the end of his action. Ranged attacks made against a character who is sprinting (by using a readied action, for example) have their difficulty rating increased by one step.

Do you need to roll to use this action? Maybe normally D0 Athletics, so it is increased by terrain to D1, D2, etc?
Increase the Difficult to hit a 'running character' is not only using Ready Actiong right? It should be at least during that turn?

I have compared the different 2d20 quickstarts about movement. In Conan and Infinity for example you cannot do more than 1 movement action in the same turn. Do you allow in Mutant Chronicles Sprint+Movement+Adjust Stance in the same turn?
Vini, vidi, vici et fuit facilis. Alakhai
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