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Horseclans adaptation?

posted Mar 14, 2018 01:26:08 by coyote6
After the last session*, one of my players opined that the system would be just about perfect for a Horseclans game. Now I have the idea stuck in my head, because I am pretty sure he is correct. Before I dig too deep (step one, search the garage for my copy of GURPS Horseclans), I thought I'd check to see if the work's been done already. So anyone seen any conversions anywhere? Not that you need much - homelands, maybe some extra castes and educations, that sort of thing.

*(We had a last minute cancellation three weeks ago, so I offered to run the Conan quick start adventure for the group. Then I ran Thunder's Bounty as a followup the next week, then we rolled up characters and have started a regular campaign!)
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