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The ship cannot generate more power (the dilithium crystal have melted)

posted Mar 12, 2018 08:10:48 by SimoneMalfatti
Hello everyone,

we are playing "a world with a bluer sun" but the ship has melted the dilithium crystals and can not generate more energy, it is at zero power. What happens in this case? Battery reserve come in but I have not found anything in the manual. How long they last? is it possible to use teleportation or other systems?

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TimKellogg said May 23, 2018 22:44:40
As for the "Bluer Sun" adventure, is there not a Romulan ship crashed on the planet? Given the old nature of the ship, perhaps the Romulans used Warp Drive and Dilithium crystals on this ship, as an opportunity for the crew to regain warp power.
Nathan.Dowdell said May 24, 2018 11:57:02
Romulans don't use dilithium crystals in their power generation - the use an artificial quantum singularity to generate power for warp travel instead.

Now, technically speaking, you can still generate power without dilithium in a Federation starship - dilithium itself is used to stabilise a matter/antimatter reaction for generating the vast amounts of energy needed for warp travel, but starships have fusion reactors for their impulse drives and secondary power, which is sufficient to support slower-than-light travel and a variety of ship systems.

In essence, a ship at 0 power can still function (life support, gravity, etc, are still operational, as they're already accounted for in the ship's power total), but it can't do anything that costs power (like using transporters), and if it would lose any more power, it starts suffering complications as other systems start becoming depowered.
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TimKellogg said May 24, 2018 16:36:45
But how do you know they didn't at one time?? My point was to suggest an alternate solution to the OP problem of worn out crystals - not create canon, LOL!
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