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The ship cannot generate more power (the dilithium crystal have melted)

posted Mar 12, 2018 08:10:48 by SimoneMalfatti
Hello everyone,

we are playing "a world with a bluer sun" but the ship has melted the dilithium crystals and can not generate more energy, it is at zero power. What happens in this case? Battery reserve come in but I have not found anything in the manual. How long they last? is it possible to use teleportation or other systems?

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TonyPi said Mar 12, 2018 10:57:04
Got shuttles? Borrow some from their chambers.
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Elijah said Mar 12, 2018 12:08:38
The Power number actually represents the excess power available for use, not the total Power. The ship still operates normally with 0 Power (it might be on Warp Core, Main Power or Battery Power - the Power Source does not actually matter according to STA Rules), but the Power Source is working at 100% to keep the propulsion, shields, life support, sensors, computers, and so forth working. The ship can last indefinitely with Power 0 by rules, or if not stated otherwise as long as the Adventure is.
You cannot use anything that has a Power Requirement, as you cannot spend any since you don't have any. Meaning you CAN use Thrusters (if Engines are still working), fire Torpedoes (if Weapons are still working) and some other tasks. You CANNOT use Teleporters, Impulse or Warp Engines. Also you cannot use the Power Management Task to generate more Power.
Hope this clarifies stuff!
Source: Core Rulebook pg. 216(Power), 224(Transporters)
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Kyle said Mar 12, 2018 13:53:02
On page 30 of 'These Are the Voyages', the Alternate Ending sidebar for World with a Bluer Sun does detail that the players can avert the Atlantis' containment collapse and take its dilithium back to their ship. That would seem to be the most straightforward option.

However, if it's too late for that, and the Atlantis is already gone, there are still options.

• Perhaps the fused dilithium is still salvageable? A difficult extended task could allow the crew to recover enough workable dilithium that they're able to limp to the nearest available source for more.

• A distress call. But who shows up? A Starfleet ship? Independent criminals? A new people never encountered before; are they friendly? A decloaking Romulan Warbird?

• Cosmic intervention. After watching them scramble fruitlessly, a powerful entity reveals itself, and offers to save the crew, though it does demand a price of some sort.

• Technobabble! If the crew diverts all reserve power, including life support, maybe they can use the deflector array too blah blah blah, fire a tacheyon pulse, blah blah blah, subspace rift, blah blah blah, back home on Earth, with quite a story to tell as the ship undergoes extensive repair from that crazy dangerous stunt they just pulled.

Or something else entirely! Have fun with it.
SimoneMalfatti said Mar 12, 2018 17:04:16
Thank you all for your help.
My players after protesting for the melting of the dilithium crystals decided to take the crystals from the Atlantis. Do you think it's possible that a poor master can not spend a few threads to ruin the warp engine slightly? Always criticizing the master. .

There are no longer the officers of the past

Thanks again!
StephenBirks said Mar 13, 2018 06:35:29
@TonyPi I don't think that would work with the default assumption of 'Bluer Sun' being TOS. Shuttlecraft are not warp capable so no Dilithium there.
Kyle said Mar 13, 2018 14:42:38
I don't think that would work with the default assumption of 'Bluer Sun' being TOS. Shuttlecraft are not warp capable so no Dilithium there.

In 'The Menagerie' Kirk chased after the Enterprise in a type-F shuttle. Seems like that would have been pretty futile if shuttlecraft didn't have at least limited warp capability.
TobinQai said Mar 13, 2018 23:31:58
To be fair, more than one TOS episode also had people beaming through shields without difficulty. However, Memory Alpha describes a Type-F shuttlecraft as being "propelled by an ion engine, whose power was generated by a matter/antimatter reaction," while dilithium was used for "regulating the matter/antimatter reaction in a ship's warp core." So whether the rulebook or "The Menagerie" contradicts the currently accepted Star Trek canon, it seems that dilithium can be found in a TOS shuttlecraft.
Kyle said Mar 14, 2018 01:27:41
Okay, but when was it ever accepted canon that shuttlecraft couldn't travel at warp? I could see the shuttlepods from 'Enterprise' not being able to do so, or the work bees, but I can't remember ever even hearing that TOS shuttlecraft can't travel at warp until we saw the shuttlecraft in 'Discovery' doing so. They have nacelles, there are multiple episodes of TOS where the shuttles would have to travel at warp for the plot to make sense; where does the idea that they can't come from? Is it mentioned in a specific episode, or is it merely fan conjecture?

I'm willing to be wrong, but I've tried to Google for the source, and haven't found anything.
Paul_Ring said Mar 14, 2018 02:23:16
Forgive me for jumping in to the debate, but according to the new Command Division Supplement, the Type-F Shuttlecraft DO have "very limited warp capability." (Page 68) This made me very happy, because I've always said they've had some kind of small warp drive.
TobinQai said Mar 14, 2018 18:53:05
It's probably not canon, but a mistake on the writers' part (perhaps due to fan conjecture). The party in the Command book is likely just a fix to get around making a revision.
Kyle said Mar 15, 2018 11:13:54
It's probably not canon, but a mistake on the writers' part (perhaps due to fan conjecture). The party in the Command book is likely just a fix to get around making a revision.

So, your theory is that the book is wrong, that the license holder that reviewed and approved the book is wrong, that the handful of episodes which would require shuttles to be able to travel at warp for their plot to work are wrong, Memory Alpha is wrong where it points out those episodes, and that the design of the shuttles which quite clearly have warp nacelles are wrong? All despite the fact that there's no canon source that says shuttlecraft can't travel at warp.

Seems legit.
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