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Different 2d20 systems

posted Mar 11, 2018 17:51:33 by Alakhai
I have been looking at the kickstart free files of Conan, Infinity, Star Trek and John Carter.
I dont know if the system has been improved or simply adapted to each game, but each versions looks better. Read those rules has helped me to understand some mechanics from Mutant Chronicles that are better writed or explained than in the Core book. For example this explanation from John Carter:
Dice Pool Limits: A single player may not buy any more than 3 more d20s for their dice pool, meaning no more than 5d20s may be rolled by a player for an Attribute Test. Players who are assisting others cannot buy additional dice and Luck points count towards the total of five dice.
I deducted this but it was not really clear in a box like in the example.

PDFs open new posibilities, there are plans to update the Core book of Mutant Chronicles?

Also I have seen some differences that I think that are cool but not sure if they can fit:
In MC the 6 on the d6 trigger effects (all of them) but do not damage. In some games 5 and 6 trigger 1 effect AND add 1 damage.
Vini, vidi, vici et fuit facilis. Alakhai
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ShadowWalker said Mar 12, 2018 14:24:56
Each version mentioned both improves 2d20 and adapts it to the setting. I personally think that Star Trek version is the best 2d20 and wish that one day MC line will be updated using it as a basis.
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